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We Treat Chronic and Acute Wounds

Here are some of the conditions we treat...

  • pressure ulcers

  • venous stasis ulcers

  • diabetic ulcers

  • arterial ulcers

  • trauma wounds/ crush injuries​​

  • burns

  • compromised skin grafts & flaps

  • radiation tissue damage

  • gangrene

  • osteomyelitis (bone infections)

  • soft tissue infections

  • problem surgical wounds

  • poor circulation

  • abscesses

Wounds that have not healed within four weeks of standard medical care are considered a problem and require special treatment. The center specializes in treating patients with chronic, slow, and non-healing wounds. We take a comprehensive approach, using the latest treatments and technologies so that our patients enjoy significant and noticeable improvements​.


Our wound management professionals evaluate and treat infection, malnutrition, anemia, pain, and other contributing medical conditions when present. We also assist the patient in obtaining pressure relief devices, compression garments, and arrange for home health and supplies when they are needed.

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